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Nigeria Money Transfers

Many services are available for sending money to Nigeria. You will find them below. You can select between them and find the easiest, most reliable and or cheapest form of transferring money to Nigeria.

Mobile Money

The Central Bank of Nigeria has suspended all international money transfers to mobile wallets in Nigeria. You can still transfer funds to a mobile wallet within the country.

Bank transfer

Make bank transfers to Nigeria. The fastest services can take as little as 1 day. You can pay with your own bank account. You are also able to send money to Nigeria with a credit card.

Cash or Crypto

You can make quick money transfer to Nigeria by sending old fashioned cash. It can cost a bit more to do a real cash deposit but receiving cash is an option too and is fast and cheap. New methods for money transfer are also available for you, such as Bitcoin.

Are you in need of the best money transfer to Nigeria?

Speed, cost and convenience are top priorities for most people sending money to Nigeria. If you want send money to Nigeria to a business partner, a family member, a friend or an NGO, we will show you best options for cheap money transfers to Nigeria.

Sending money to Nigeria can be very straightforward. The methods you generally can choose from are bank transfer, cash transfer, Bitcoin, and talk-time top up. You can also use your debit/credit card in order to transfer money to Nigeria. It is also possible to send money by phone to Nigeria.

There are many options available to send money to Nigeria. Best money transfers to Nigeria are often cheaper, faster, efficient, and convenient to you and the recipient. Some of the best money transfers to Nigeria include WorldRemit, Xoom, Remitly or wire transfer from your bank. It is important to ask the recipient about the receiving method they mostly prefer.

money transfer to africa with tempo

Tempo Money Transfer Review

Tempo Mobile Money Transfer is a French-registered service that facilitates money transfers, including crypto remittances, to nine Africa countries. Advantages of Using Tempo Money Transfer to…

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Nigeria Remittance News

list of money transfer operators in Nigeria

List of Money Transfer Services to Nigeria

In March 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released the list of 47 International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) approved to receive remittances from Diaspora Nigerians. The approved money transfer services to Nigeria are from the US, UK, Morocco, Belgium, Senegal and Nigeria. The CBN issued a directive on remittances in 2020 that require money…

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Ecobank Introduces Money Transfer Through WhatsApp, Email and SMS

Ecobank in Nigeria has launched a new money transfer service by email, SMS and WhatsApp via Ecobank app. This opportunity could not have come at a better time when many people are self-isolating and keeping social distance due to the COVID-19. We have the responsibility as a bank to continue to innovate for the benefits…

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Tranglo money transfer nigeria, ghana, uganda

Tranglo Introduces Money Transfer to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda

Tranglo, a global money transfer service, has entered the Sub Saharan Africa market. It has launched services in 3 new money transfer corridors in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. Tranglo supports international remittance, airtime top-ups, and business payments. Founded in 2008 in Malaysia, Tranglo makes international transfers faster, cheaper and secure. Transfers to the three countries…

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crypto remittances Nigeria

Nigerian Banks Ordered to Close Cryptocurrency Accounts

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a circular on February 5, 2020 ordering banks and other financial institutions to stop facilitating transactions for cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria. The circular also orders banks to close the accounts of any persons or entities found making any cryptocurrency transaction or operating a cryptocurrency exchange. Failure to comply…

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Azimo to naira

Azimo Stops Money Transfer to Naira Bank Accounts and Cash Pickup

Azimo, the British money transfer company, has stopped money transfer services to naira bank accounts and cash pickup in Nigeria. Up until recently, Azimo was one of the popular money transfer services to Nigeria. A notice on the company’s website says: Why can’t I transfer to a Naira bank account? Central Bank of Nigeria rules…

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electroneum non monetary remittance to Africa

Electroneum: Crypto-Powered Non-Monetary Remittances to Africa

Electroneum is a UK-based cryptocurrency app that offers non-monetary remittances to Africa. The remittances are in form of electricity bill, airtime, and data top ups for loved ones in 10 African countries. Electricity and mobile top-ups are considered daily essentials. The app uses blockchain and ETN, a cryptocurrency designed for smartphone users. African countries that…

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