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Our mission is to help you find the most affordable and reliable service to transfer money in Africa. We cover all countries and services throughout the continent. Whether you want to send money home from Europe or the United States, we got you covered.

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We selected all money transfer services that are available to you. We compare the prices and the reliability of these services. What are some of the safest options available?

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Are you done with waiting until your money has arrived? We selected the fastest players in the field for your country of destination in Africa.


New methods for money transfer are also available for you. With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin you can actually control the money transfer yourself.

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list of money transfer operators in Nigeria

List of Money Transfer Services to Nigeria

In March 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released the list of 47 International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) approved to receive remittances from Diaspora Nigerians. The approved money transfer services to Nigeria are from…

crypto remittances Nigeria

Nigerian Banks Ordered to Close Cryptocurrency Accounts

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a circular on February 5, 2020 ordering banks and other financial institutions to stop facilitating transactions for cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria. The circular also orders banks to close…

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We are a team of financial researchers from Africa, Europe and the United States. Our mission is to provide quality information about reliable ways to transfer money to, from and through Africa. We supply information on the services available, the countries applicable, as well as how to open virtual bank accounts, instant money transfers and transfer money worldwide.

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