Tranglo Introduces Money Transfer to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda

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Tranglo, a global money transfer service, has entered the Sub Saharan Africa market. It has launched services in 3 new money transfer corridors in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has suspended international money transfers to mobile wallets in Nigeria. This is because of a new regulation that only allows US dollar payout for remittances in the country. The suspension will improve visibility of US dollar remittance flows.

Tranglo supports international remittance, airtime top-ups, and business payments. Founded in 2008 in Malaysia, Tranglo makes international transfers faster, cheaper and secure. Transfers to the three countries will involve sending money to mobile money wallets, bank transfers, and cash pickup.

Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda ranked 1st, 2nd and 7th respectively in the list of top 10 largest remittance recipients in the region in 2020, according to World Bank estimates. Collectively, remittance inflows for the 3 countries totalled USD25 billion, or 43% of the total value.

Tranglo is licensed in United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Other Money Transfer Services to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda

Some of the best alternatives for sending money to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda to your relatives and family members include WorldRemit, Xoom, Remitly, and Exchange4Free. You can also use crypto-based remittances. Alternatively, you can transfer the money via Bitcoin to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda without any external services.