If you only have cash and don’t have a bank account in the country where you live and work, sending cash is for most people the only way of transferring money to Africa. Sending cash be a bit costly though, and thankfully there are also alternatives.

Sending cash

The best known services for sending cash to Africa include WordRemit, Xoom, Azimo and Ria. They may ask for relatively high commission. And their exchange rate is also know to be bad.

Alternatives you have are depositing money on a bank account of a friend and using his or her bank account to make a transfer. Or you can also resort to sending crypto-money such as bitcoin.

Tranglo money transfer nigeria, ghana, uganda

Tranglo Introduces Money Transfer to Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda

Tranglo, a global money transfer service, has entered the Sub Saharan Africa market. It has launched services in 3 new money transfer corridors in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. Tranglo supports international remittance, airtime top-ups, and business payments. Founded in 2008 in Malaysia, Tranglo makes international transfers faster, cheaper and secure. Transfers to the three countries …

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