Non-Monetary Remittance

Non-monetary remittances are becoming quite popular as more companies enable their customers to send gift vouchers, airtime, and pay utility bills for their relatives and friends in Africa.

Companies facilitating non-monetary remittances include SureRemit, Electroneum,, and Xoom. You will find our reviews below of these companies and others.

eversend money transfer review

Eversend Money Transfer App Review

Eversend is a financial app that enables users to make money transfers, pay bills, and send talk-time to their beneficiaries in Africa. In addition to remittance, Eversend allows users to save, exchange currencies, and shop …

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SureRemit non-monetary remittances to Africa

SureRemit: Non-Monetary Remittance to Africa

SureRemit is a Nigeria-based non-monetary remittance service provider using a crypto token to enable people from around the world to send shopping vouchers, mobile air time top-ups, pay bills, and donate to charities in Nigeria, …

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