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Congo DRC Money Transfers

Many services are available for sending money to Congo DRC. You will find them below. You can select between them and find the easiest, most reliable and or cheapest form of transferring money to Congo DRC from our reviews below.

Mobile Money

Send money straight into the mobile phone account of the person in Congo DRC you are sending the money to. Money sent to mobile money services such as Airtel Money, Orange Money, and TigoCash is usually transmitted instantly.

Bank Transfer

Make a bank transfer to all major banks in Congo DRC. The fastest services can take as little as 1 day. You can pay with your own bank account, or even with a (prepaid) credit card.

Cash or Crypto

You can send old fashioned cash. It can cost a bit more to do a real cash deposit but receiving cash is an option too and is fast and cheap. New methods for money transfer are also available for you, such as Bitcoin.

Are you in need of a reliable service to transfer money?

Speed, cost and convenience are top priorities for most people sending money to Democratic Republic of the Congo. If you want send money to Congo DRC to a business partner, a family member, a friend or an NGO, our reviews below will show you best options for international transfers to Congo DRC.

Sending money to Congo DRC can be very straightforward. The methods you generally can choose from are bank transfer, cash transfer, Bitcoin, talk-time top up and mobile money transfer. You can also use your debit/credit card in order to transfer money to Congo DRC.

There are many options available to send money to Congo DRC. Best options are often cheaper, faster, efficient and convenient to you and the recipient. Find our detailed reviews below of money transfer services to Congo DRC. It is important, however, to ask the recipient on the receiving method they mostly prefer.

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