prepaid credit card for money transfer

Creditcard or Debitcard

Many transfer services also give you the option to use a credit card or debit card to make a payment. This is especially a cheap option for online services such as World Remit and Transferwise. In many countries you can get a prepaid credit card that you can use for this service. A prepaid credit …

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sending cash to Africa

Cash Transfer

If you only have cash and don’t have a bank account in the country where you live and work, sending cash is for most people the only way of transferring money to Africa. Sending cash be a bit costly though, and thankfully there are also alternatives. Sending cash The best known services for sending cash …

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Mobile Money

Mobile Money is a fast and secure way to transfer money to African countries. This lets you store money in your phone through your mobile phone subscription. In most countries there is mobile money available. This makes it possible to store money and transfer money. Sub-Saharan countries have around 144 mobile money services. The best …

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bank transfer

Bank Transfer

International bank transfer is a secure way to transfer money. When sending money to a bank account in a country in Africa this used be a slow process and rather expensive. Thanks to new players such as World Remit and Transferwise this process is a lot faster and cheaper these days. In order to make …

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