Airtel Money

Airtel Money is one of the most popular mobile money services in Africa. It is available in 14 Africa countries including Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Niger.

Sending money to a mobile wallet is usually instant. It is one of the best method of sending money to Africa because there are many people without a bank account, but they have access to mobile money wallets.

The services we have reviewed below allow you to send money to a Airtel Mobile Money Wallet in supported African countries.

eversend money transfer review

Eversend Money Transfer App Review

Eversend is a financial app that enables users to make money transfers, pay bills, and send talk-time to their beneficiaries in Africa. In addition to remittance, Eversend allows users to save, exchange currencies, and shop …

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How to make Bitcoin transfer to Africa

How to Use Bitcoin to Send Money to Africa

Bitcoin-based remittances are expected to transform the international money transfer industry through low/zero fees and fastest transfers. According to the World Bank, sending money to Africa is more expensive than other regions in the world. …

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Mama Money transfer review

Mama Money Review: How Fast and Cheap Is It?

Mama Money is a South African fintech that enables people to send money from South Africa to 17 African countries. It was founded in 2015 by Mathieu Coquillon and Raphael Grojnowski. The countries include Mozambique, …

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how to send money with Mjara Mobile Money

Mjara Mobile Money Transfer Review

Mjara is a company that provides money transfer from Europe to mobile wallets in 13 African countries. Mjara is operated by MFS Africa, a Pan-African fintech. We regret to inform that the Mjara service will …

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